Price May Change without Notice

Entrees From Kitchen

Include Soup, Salad, Steamed Rice or Fried Rice

Hibachi Grilled (Teppanyaki)

w. Noodles and Vegetable
E1. Hibachi Grilled Vegetable 11.95
E2. Hibachi Grilled Chicken 13.95
E3. Hibachi Grilled Steak 17.95
E4. Hibachi Grilled Shrimp 17.95
E5. Hibachi Grilled Scallop 18.95
E6. Hibachi Grilled King Salmon 18.95
E7. Hibachi Grilled Filet Mignon 21.95
E8. Hibachi Grilled Lobster 23.95
E9. Hibachi Grilled Shrimp & Chicken 18.95
E10. Hibachi Grilled Steak & Chicken 18.95
E11. Hibachi Grilled Steak & Shrimp 18.95
E12. Hibachi Grilled King Salmon & Steak 18.95
E13. Hibachi Grilled King Salmon & Shrimp 18.95
E14. Hibachi Grilled Shrimp & Filet Mignon 21.95
E15. Hibachi Grilled Scallop & Shrimp 19.95
E16. Hibachi Grilled Steak & Scallop 19.95
E17. Hibachi Grilled Filet Mignon & Lobster 23.95


Grill and Served with Teriyaki Sauce
E18. Vegetable Teriyaki 11.95
E19. Chicken Teriyaki 13.95
E20. Salmon Teriyaki 16.95
E21. Steak Teriyaki 16.95
E22. Tofu (Deep Fried) Teriyaki 13.95
E23. Red Snapper Teriyaki 15.95
E24. Shrimp Teriyaki 15.95


Coated with Japanese Bread Crumb & Deep Fried
w. Katsu Sauce and Hibachi Vegetable
E25. Pork Katsu 12.95
E26. Chicken Katsu 13.95
E27. Salmon Katsu 16.95


Lightly Battered and Deep Fried To Perfection. w. Tempura Sauce
E28. Vegetable Tempura 11.95
E29. Chicken w. Vegetable Tempura 13.95
E30. Shrimp w. Vegetable Tempura 15.95


Stir Fried Japanese Noodles w. Vegetable
E31. Chicken Udon 13.95
E32. Shrimp Udon 16.95
E33. Mix Vegetable Udon 11.95