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Sushi Bear Dairy Specialty Rolls

Lobster General Roll
Fried lobster, avocado, spicy tuna inside, crawfish salad on top, with eel and spicy mayo sauce with fish eggs on top.
Austin Powers
Krab stick tempura, spicy lobster salad, cucumber, raw tuna, avocado, eel on top, with eel sauce
OMG Roll
Inside: shrimp tempura,snow crab,avocado,with soy paper wrapped,sliced avocado,white tuna,seared tuna on top,eel sauce and spicy mayo,add fish eggs,crunchy,sesame seeds on top.
Mango Dragon Roll
Shrimp tempura,cream cheese,mango,Kani salad inside,top with eel,avocado and eel sauce and mango sauce.
Lover Roll
Shrimp tempura,cream cheese,avocado,snow crab,mango inside,wrapped soy paper,add spicy mayo and eel sauce.